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How to Remove Outdoor Carpet from Concrete

how to remove outdoor carpet from concrete

If you’re like most people, you probably have outdoor carpet on your concrete patio or porch. But over time, the carpet can start to look dirty and worn, and you may be wondering how to remove it.

Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to easily remove outdoor carpet from concrete. We’ll also share some tips on how to keep your patio or porch looking great for years to come.


It can be difficult to remove outdoor carpet from concrete, but it is possible with the right tools and products. Here are some tips to help you get started.

-First, use a utility knife to score the carpet along the edges. This will help you get a clean cut and make removal easier.

-Next, use a putty knife or other similar tool to pry up the carpet from the concrete. Start at one corner and work your way around.

-Once the carpet is loose, use a gardening hose or other sprayer to saturate the back of the carpet. This will help loosen the adhesive and make removal easier.

-Finally, use a power washer on low pressure to remove any remaining adhesive from the concrete surface.

Why Remove Outdoor Carpet?

Removing outdoor carpet from concrete is a necessary step when you want to change the look of your patio or deck. Outdoor carpet is usually installed over a layer of padding, which can make it difficult to remove. However, with a little effort, you can remove the outdoor carpet and padding and prepare the surface for new flooring.


The first thing you need to do is remove all of the furniture from the deck or porch. If you have a grill, you will need to remove that as well. Once everything is out of the way, you can begin to prep the area for removal.

To do this, you will need to score the carpet. This can be done with a utility knife or a carpet cutter. You will want to make sure that you only cut through the carpet and not into the concrete beneath. Once you have scored the carpet, you will need to apply a solvent to it.

There are a few different solvents that can be used for this project, but we recommend using something like Methylene chloride. This chemical will help to break down the adhesive that is holding the outdoor carpet to the concrete.

After applying the solvent, you will need to wait around 15 minutes or so before beginning to remove the carpet. This will give the solvent time to do its job.


Tools and Materials Needed



-Mud chisel or utility knife

-Stiff bristle brush

-Spray bottle filled with water

-Respirator mask (optional)

-Eye protection (optional)

-Work gloves (optional)

Step 1 – Assess the Situation Before you begin, take a look at the outdoor carpet to determine if it is glued down or not. If it appears that the carpet has been glued or cemented to the concrete, then you will have a more difficult time removing it. In most cases, however, you will find that the carpet has only been laid on top of the concrete and is not glued down.

Step 2 – Score the Carpet If the carpet is not glued down, then you can begin by using a utility knife or mud chisel to score the surface of the carpet. You only need to make scores about an inch apart. Do not cut too deeply into the carpet as you could damage the concrete beneath it. A putty knife can also be used in place of a chisel if you do not have one readily available. Use whatever tool you have on hand to make scoring marks on top of the carpet.

Cleaning Up

Sweep the concrete surface with a broom to loosen any dirt, sand or other debris from the outdoor carpet adhesive. Pour 1 cup of trisodium phosphate into a gallon bucket of warm water and stir to combine. Dip a brush into the TSP solution and scrub the concrete where the outdoor carpet was adhered. Rinse the area with a garden hose and let it air dry for 30 minutes.

Alternatives to Removal

If you’re not up for the task of removal, there are a few alternatives. One is to simply cover the existing outdoor carpet with a new layer of carpet. This will give your porch or patio a whole new look and feel, and it will also protect the concrete beneath from further damage.

Another alternative is to paint over the existing outdoor carpet. This will create a completely different look, and it can also help to protect the concrete underneath from further wear and tear.


After you have removed the outdoor carpet from the concrete, you will need to clean the surface. You can do this by pressure washing or using a stiff brush. Once the surface is clean, you can apply a new coat of paint or sealant to protect the concrete from future damage.

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